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Conrad Schnitzler & Bjørn Hatterud - Hirschgebrüll
"Årets beste plate!" ("Album of the year!")
– Tommy Olsson, CasinoPaNett.org

As things go with compilations, some good, some bad, but at least there is a nice thematic edge to this one, so the end verdict: very nice.
(FdW, Vital Weekly)


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Releases 2011

Layers Of The Onion
Hal-An-Tow CD

Releasedate: December 1st, 2011
Layers of the Onion - The Drone/Folk Project Featuring Martin Powell & Fredrik Ness Sevendal. Debut Album 'Hal-An-Tow' now available on CD. Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear) Guests on one Track. The CD is being released by OHM Records, Apartment Records & Droning-On Records and is sponsored by the loan page www.toppfinans.com.
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Zbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate
- World As Will IV


Releasedate: September 22th, 2011
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Wilt + Horchata - Geomancy

WILT was founded in 1998 by artist and designer James P. Keeler. Originally the projects focus was a sonic companion to various paintings and installations by Keeler, since that time WILT has grown into an internationally recognized dark music pioneer bridging the gaps between industrial, drone, noise and experimental. Musically utilizing an eclectic palette of instrumentation to create their esoteric sounds. Avant mystics of the modern day WILT continue to create endless landscapes of mystery and isolation juxtaposed against depression and decay.

HORCHATA is the name used by Michael Palace for his electronic music compositions. His music focuses on four major elements: complex beat music, dark ambient soundscapes, programmed compositional glitch music, and field recordings. Often a composition will include several of these elements. Palace has worked for a number of years as a research scientist at the University of New Hampshire's Complex System Research Center as a tropical ecologist working in Amazonia. During his numerous field visits to the rainforest, he has recorded sounds using various microphones and minidisk recorders. Modification of many computer simulations have yielded some interesting sound generating and compositional programs which are featured in newer recordings by Palace.

GEOMANCY is a study of the interconnection between the human consciousness and the energy of the earth. The number six represents harmony and a strong foundation for collaboration and as such 6 tracks weave this meeting of two visionaries into a "perfect" opus. 6 X 1 = 6 and 3 X 2 = 6, and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6.

Geomancy is focused on sacred geometry, the way that spirit integrates into matter - by echoing and amplifying the geometry of nature and planetary movements. The sonic resonance of body/mind/spirit with the harmonic frequencies of the cosmic above and the earthen below. Maximizing the possibility of connection to the One.

Releasedate: September 5th, 2011. In cooperation with www.norskespilleautomater.com.

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Conrad Schnitzler & Bjørn Hatterud - Hirschgebrüll LP

Releasedate: March 14th, 2011
Hirschgebrüll Part 9 PROMO VIDEO

Hirschgebrüll INFO

Now in stock and ready to ship is the vinyl version of Conrad Schnitzler & Bjørn Hatterud‘s album Hirschgebrüll, co-released by OHM Records, Synesthetic Recordings and TIBProd. The LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and includes free download of the whole album plus 16 bonus remixes by PK101, André Borgen, Helene Rickhard, Iversen, Origami Boe, Static Electrician, Daniele Santini, Monolab, Torstein Wjiik, Sten Ove Toft, Center Of The Universe, NXP, Beglomeg, Lasse Marhaug, O. Melby and Alexander Rishaug.

About half of the 100 copies on red vinyl are available exclusively via Looop and Tiger in Oslo, while the rest are used as promos by the labels and artists. The 400 copies on black vinyl are made available to shops worldwide, along with the CD version released by Fysisk Format.

Aidan Baker - Rictus

A collection of 4 previously released 3"CDr's:
Cicatrice (2003)
Blauserk (2004)
The taste of summer on your skin (2004)
Fragile movements in slow motion (2008)
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Releases 2010


An international compilation digipack-CD featuring KK NULL, Wilt, John Wiese, Band Of Pain and many more
All tracks made from the same sound material
- the voice of Ellen Aagaard

Cover by Lasse Marhaug

In 2001 we sent out the following invitation:
OHM Records invite all sound-manipulators to contribute to an upcoming compilation CD. This CD will feature tracks all based on the same source sounds (a female vocalist).
* Only use the source sounds
* Sound-manipulations of any kind is allowed
* Only the material that we find to be interesting/enjoyable will be released.
* The end result should be somewhere in the broad category of "experimental music" (Electro acoustic, Musique Concrete, Soundscapes, Cut-Ups, Noise, Power Electronics, or something else..).
After 9 years, the end result is finally released....
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Maranata - Total Repair

Maranata has its aesthetic revelation well planted in the middle of grindcore, black metal, ritual music, noise and old school electro-acoustic music in varying degrees of decay. The main focus being intense improvisation and ecstatic noise. This time joined by original Mayhem drummer Manheim on totemic percussion.

Dag Stiberg: Saxophone/Voice/Electronics
Jon Wesseltoft: Electric Guitar/Electronics
Kjetil Manheim: Percussion

Cover by Lasse Marhaug

Recorded and produced by Maranata Oslo 2010
Mix and mastering by Jon Wesseltoft

Maranata @ MySpace

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Releases 2004

1.6 ohm

 "Nor Noise" DVD + CD 

"Nor-Noise" - a 115 minute documentary with interviews of Otomo Yoshihide, Tore H. Bøe, Franscisco López, Helge Sten, Maja Ratkje, Masami Akita, Lasse Marhaug and several others.

The DVD comes with a full lenght compilation CD of norwegian noise artists, including Jazzkammer, Crazy River, Norwegian Noise Orchestra, Fe-Mail, o.melby and more. All new and exclusive tracks. Quite a massive package.

The DVD is in PAL format, but should play fine on all computers.

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