JOHN HEGRE/ LASSE MARHAUG/ HELGE STEN "The comfort of objects"

[OHM] Records 1999 [0.3 ohm]

Format: CD

Genre: electronica

"The comfort of objects"

A one-shot collaboration CD recorded over the last two years where the three artists have reworked the same source material, not knowing what the others would do with it -resulting in three very different solutions. From the intense and loud to the subtle and beautiful, "The comfort of objects" is Norwegian electronic music at its best. 

Helge Sten

Infamous record producer and early member of Norway's premier rock band MOTORPSYCHO. Has gained huge respect over the years with his ambient/soundscape DEATHPROD project (best known is the ARNE NORDHEIM remix CD on Rune Grammofon) and as a part of the improv/jazz ensemble SUPERSILENT (including coverage in The Wire). Helge is considered to be one of Norway's most interesting contemporary composers. 

John Hegre

Guitarist of improv-avant-rock-electronica four-piece DER BRIEF (first CD out on Jazzassin Records) and the KAPTEIN KALIBER pop duo. John is currently working with Lasse on in JAZZKAMMER. This is his first solo recording to be released. 

Lasse Marhaug

Solo-performer who has been involved with over one hundred record and cassette releases over the last ten years, including collaborations with people like Kapotte Muziek, Alexander Rishaug, Bad Kharma,Aube and Not Breathing. In recent years Lasse has been guitarist/producer/electronica-man in drone-rock band DEL, and for two years he played saxophone and electronics in punk-noise-scum band ORIGAMI REPLIKA. Lasse's main commitment is JAZZKAMMER.