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Available stuff


Atton Paul "Soundtracks for animated super-8 films vol.1" 7" 30,-

AUBE -maze head shift  7inch  

Band Of Pain  To Whom It May Concern           7"  (OBUH)

Steve Pittis’ project featuring Dave Collins, both of SPLINTERED presenting their deepest and most intense excursions to date. Endless drones, samples and guitar treatments revealing unknown spaces and archetypical emotions. Limited to 500 copies.

KJETIL D BRANDSDAL & Jan Christian Kyvik - s/t  7"  

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - loop floor  7"  (suggestion)

Two cuts from Hiroshi Hashimoto (electronic guitar, sampler), Marvel (percussion) and Seizi Niwa (turntable, percussion). A metamorphic soundbed of collaged rhythms, choral samples and loops  

COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN - mortuary sorcery  7"  (suggestion)

Psychotic output from these Leeds-based kings of experimental tortured noise sound! Weird and varied experimental noise, hypnotic samples and amazing insane electronics!

DAB . AY . AH - find the canyon  7"  (suggestion)

Mesmerising new finish hypno-rock project! Two cuts of gurgling electronics, psyched-out guitars and sprightly rhythms! Complete with gatefold cover full of holes and printed tin foil inner sleeve!  

DEEP - drinkdeepdreams  7"  (suggestion)

Deep's debut release. Slow-motion experimantal sounds, played with drum computers, 2 bass guitars, noisy synth parts and tape loops! Heavenly multidimensional song/noise structures!  


DELPHIUM - our tribe of nothingness  7"  (suggestion)

A little more techno influenced than previous delphium output’s. Three rhytmical dark pieces, atmospheric sounds and loops!

DETONATOR - lifetime guarantee  7"  (suggestion)

New project that formed as an offshoot of `Chemical Plant´ reforming `Ashley Davies´ (Headbutt, Project D.A.R.K. etc), `Matt Scott´ (D.A.R.K., Klinker Club, etc) and `Isa Suarez´(FinDeSiecle etc) making futurist-ic film signature tunes with enchanting lyrics in an old Basque dialect. The kind of bleak feeling inspired by dysfunctional machinery and the madness that keeps the human spirit trapped within itself. Jane Birkin meets Metropolis?? Pop music for people who think they don’t like pop music  

THE END - reversed psyche  7"  (suggestion)

The End was formed during `96 by two crazy technocrats from Oslo’s underworld. They experiment with all sorts of crazy sounds ranging from self-strangulation, insane guitars, psychotic loops to funny cartoon samples and mental film statements. This is the strangest vinyl release from this project.

ELIXIR - s/t  7"  (suggestion)

The sound of ELIXIR is a nightmarish dream, an uncontrolable haze of distorted frequencies and crashing rythms, all subject to a punishing back beat. Ranging from beyond heavy hardcore beats to droning, ambient rumblings, ELIXIR combine many influences to produce the most advance sound they are humanly capable of.


FLUE: Once upon a time in a Quasar 7" (OBUH)

Processed and prepared guitars and synths with a visit in a quasar. Cosmic and droning. New project of Mason Jones (TRANCE) with friends. Nicely pressed andprinted on hand-made paper. Limited to 333.  

THE HATERS "Drops Ascending" (2x7") 75,-

THE HATERS "Predetermined by Accident"7"    50,-

The Haters "Hello Hater" 7" (Pinch A Loaf)

HEADBUTT - fuelled up and ready to burn  7"  (suggestion)

Two new songs from London’s most direct, cranium-disgusting, post-industrial noise outfits! Awesome rumbling noises, weird rhythms and danceable structured beats!  

John Hudak "Natura" 7" 30,- 

HUMID - s/t  7"  (suggestion)

Superb classic noise-rock from Oslo / Norway. Heavy, gloomy spooky and sometimes slighty pop ish guitar noise-rock!  

Edward Ka-Spel The Man Who Never Was 7" 50,- (Anomalous)

LESSER (vc-39) 7"    20,-


Heavy tribal rhythms with post-industrial notes. Debut of the Polish project known before as "Bebniarze z kraju Molr"(Drummers from the land called Molr). Reminds the strongest efforts of CRASH WORSHIP. Full colour cover printed on the maps. Limited to 333.  

Key Ransone / Cheryl E. Leonard "Early Preludes / Nether"7" 30,-

SPLINTERED -hilt  7inch  

SPLINTERED - smokescreen  7"  (suggestion)

Features a hypnotically-pounding title track built around drums, metal percussion, keyboard, gtr., treatments and buried vocals, plus four flipside pieces!  

SURVIVAL UNIT - One Man’s War/No Surrender 7” 50,- (State Art)

First vinyl release from this Swedish power unit, valued as one of the best representatives for modern hardcore electronics. “One Man’s War / No Surrender” contains two tracks that reveal only a part of the extreme power Survival Unit has to offer. Pure cultural guerrilla beyond ideological doctrines!

TIT WRENCH / VOLKSWHALE "split ep" 7" 20,

VARIOUS ARTISTS "The Kulture Shot", 7"EP 50,- 

John Wiese w/ Lasse Marhaug 7" 50,- 


Two anxious songs in search of the lost paradise. Post-industrial aura, alchemic spirit. Made with the help from COLUMN ONE. Beautiful full colour cover.Limited to 333.   

New stuff

State Art

1 x RICHARD FRANCIS - Three Tracks 3”CD

Also known for his brilliant works as Eso Steel, Richard Francis presents 'three tracks' of ambient concrète. A demanding listening experience for lovers of audiophile adventures. Designed in Richard’s plain and aesthetically brilliant way, limited to 500 copies.

2 x SA020 COLUMN ONE - World Transmission 3 LP 100,-

1 x SA021 COLUMN ONE - World Transmission 4 LP 100,-

”World Transmission 3 & 4” are Column One’s following documents within a fine series of ritual transmissions... Stateart presents two of Column One’s most intense journeys into ritual experimentation by uniting religious sources and influences of occidental and native civilizations. Part 3 was recorded during a two day experiment inside a church. A sonic picture influenced by the physical aura of religious architecture by using various sacred tools. Part 4 is the re-worked document of a live performance in Berlin 1998 with the concept of placing ritual materials, acoustic instruments, sounds of our direct environment and Australian natives in a new connection. ”World Transmission 3 & 4” is evidence of Column One’s intelligent sound architecture.





Dark Vinyl


Other stuff:




Self Abuse 



Dragon Flight Recordings

(Symphonic Doom metal) (As All Die is Apocalyptic Folk and Veinke is Dark industrial) (Minimal Dark experimental sounds from Peter of Raison de etre onthe Cold Meat Industry label) (Noisy Minimal Dark Industrial) (Ritualistic Black Industrial) (Occultish Dark Ambient) (Power Electro meets Dark Drones Made by power tools and Screams of terror) (Textural Experimental Ambient Guitar sounds with Piano and Vocal moments) (2nd CD of Celtic, Middle eastern,Rock, Experimental and Industrial Sounds by this Former Cruel moon/Cold Meat Artist & Current Member of the mighty Absu on Osmose Productions . One of the most unusual Cds to ever come across the DFR desk and were thrilled to release it ) (Minimal Dark Industrial Feelings from Karsten Hamre of Penitent and Arcane Art. This is like going through a machine like hell. Never have Karsten explored such textures and sounds before, there is no sunlight or happiness here my friends)